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A tale of empathy & compassion


Chin Up, Chinchilla

We have all witnessed someone looking sad, but how often do we stop and put ourselves in their shoes?

Follow along as one little hedgehog imagines what could possibly have made this chinchilla look so sad. If you’ve ever had a soggy sandwich or found a monster under your bed, you’ll understand how situations big and small can ruin your day.

With rhyming words and charming illustrations, this book will be a delight to read over, and over, and over again!

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Praise for Chin Up, Chinchilla

Chin Up, Chinchilla provides us with a creative, fun and engaging way to cultivate thoughtful conversations with the youngest members of our society on what empathy looks and acts like. An important resource anyone who works with kids will want to have in their toolkit!
— Emily S. Heselton, MA, PCC, Child & Adolescent Counselor
Chin Up, Chinchilla is a great story that illustrates the power of empathy, understanding, and compassion. With a fun story and great art, this is one book I’ll read to my kids again and again.
— Kyle Scheele, Inspiring author, motivational speaker, and cardboarder
Beth and Jeremy have put together a great book with a hip vibe and a beautiful, simple message: No matter how fuzzy or prickly, we should always help our fellow critters through their bad days.
— Greg Walter, Creator of the Sesame Studios animated series “Henriyeti”
Spare, rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations pair up in an effortless nudge toward kindness in Chin Up, Chinchilla. The story naturally guides readers to empathy in a gentle and non-didactic way, opening the doors for further thought and discussion. An easy choice for parents and educators alike!
— Elise Parsley, Illustrator and Author of If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't!
A wonderful moral. Sweet, simple, yet vitally important to instill in little ones.
— Jason Sivewright, Author of The Land of the Living Sugar Lion: The Sugar Lion Walks

Here‘s a sneak peek!

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About the Creators


Beth Stafford | Author

Beth is an avid reader with a healthy addiction to children’s books. When not working, writing, or reading, she enjoys binge-watching t.v. with her husband, Ben, playing outdoors with her daughter and taking naps in a hammock. This book is near and dear to her heart–and she hopes you’ll love it too! Beth lives with her family in Ohio.


Jeremy Slagle | Illustrator

As a kid, Jeremy drew everything and anything he could think of. He was raised on Ed Emberley books, Calvin and Hobbes, and The Muppet Show. Jeremy is deathly allergic to guinea pigs but he’s totally cool with chinchillas! He rides a vintage Vespa scooter and the only toes he has run over are his own. Jeremy lives and works in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Becky, two kids and a miniature poodle.